Does Reiki Use Medicine?

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In fact, when I first started Reiki practice in 1997, did Reiki use medicine? And if so, is it still considered healing by our current medical system?

When I started Reiki it was fairly new to me.

I didn’t know what I was doing. So I went about using techniques like any kind of intuitive or spiritual technique and allowed my body to heal me through this art.

But, when it comes to do Reiki use medicine or not, and what is Reiki? I’ve heard the answer and there are two opinions on that question.

The medical system has always been a very old standby. When a doctor gives you medicine, it’s usually because he doesn’t know how to heal you properly and needs to do what he knows to do, because he’s been taught by doctors for thousands of years.

With Reiki, it is completely different. It’s a healing system that is designed by the human mind, from a spiritual source. That’s why it has a healing force that works by itself, without the help of medicine.

Reiki is a healing force that just naturally heals through communication. The practitioner is in the same position that you are in when you’re suffering, because he’s in your body. And when the Reiki energy comes into your body through the hands of the healer, the invisible energy field is broken and that’s when the healing takes place.

Is Reiki use medicine? The answer is yes, but there are no known side effects. You might feel a little sore after you’ve had one session, but that’s normal.

When I started, I asked one of my teachers about does Reiki use medicine

and he said that it doesn’t and that Reiki was a healing force, which he could see and touch, and could heal the person who would receive the healing. He said that Reiki was the energy that could heal a person of any disease.

He also mentioned that Reiki was a tool to be used by the practitioner, as it was used by people in ancient times, before modern medicine. And he also noted that Reiki is much better than giving medicine, because Reiki can heal from the heart.

Then there’s another opinion on does Reiki use medicine. The medical system sees Reiki as a threat to their system. If you ask them today, they’ll say that they only use Reiki for spiritual healing, and that is generally what they mean.

But even though I didn’t understand Reiki back then, I did understand that if it were used properly, it is a safe way to heal. I read books, I went to workshops, and I did my own research.

  • There are some physicians who do Reiki, but I don’t think they give it much consideration.
  • I do know that it is a respected healer in the world of healing, and because of this it is widely practiced.
  • Does Reiki use medicine? In my opinion, no, it doesn’t, but it is a true healer, one who is capable of healing and who can do it safely.