Reiki – Information About This Healing Art

person holding crystal

The concept of Reiki has been in existence for centuries. It is only in recent years that Reiki has evolved into a set of techniques that are being practiced and researched on.

The word Reiki is the Japanese spelling for Reiki. It is pronounced “Ree-Ke”. In Japan,

Reiki is known as the healing art. It is practiced in all religions, but there is no specific denomination for it.

Reiki is about the connection between the spiritual body and the physical body. When both of these bodies are connected to each other, it creates a field that is able to help heal the whole being.

The healing of the body begins by opening up the channels of negative and positive energy to flow to the patient. Once the channel is opened, the patient feels the proper vibrations to go through the channel. Once this channel is opened, the channel can be opened up to the doctor and the patient can get the treatment he or she needs.

By opening up the channels of negative energy, the patient will have more options when it comes to healing.

The channels of negative energy in the body can be kept closed off to keep the body from taking its full effect. When these channels are open, the body can receive more of what it needs to heal.

Another component of Reiki is the awareness of the body. It focuses on knowing what the body needs.

The Reiki practitioner uses light to send energy to the patient. It is said that by studying the light waves, the practitioner can see the state of the patient. The practitioner tries to interpret the light waves to know what the patient needs. As he or she feels the need, he or she sends energy to the patient.

The practitioner’s intentions determine how much light energy will be sent. If the intention is not strong enough, it can cause more harm than good.

There are some who focus on giving attention to their surroundings while they are practicing their intentions, which helps them to relax and in turn, allows them to send more energy. With this method, the practitioner’s intentions are always open to receive more energy.

Reiki also helps the practitioner to understand how much light and energy is needed to heal the entire body. After he or she knows the amount of energy he or she needs, he or she directs it to the patient.

Reiki is practiced with candles. As the candles are lit, the light is sent to the patient by the practitioner.

  • This concept was discovered by people’s experience.
  • Since then, research has been done to prove that it is an effective healing art.
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