What Is Reiki? Understanding the Energy of the Universe

reiki instrument

Reiki is an ancient healing system that has been used for centuries, and it is easy to see why people are fascinated by what is Reiki. Some claim it is the most powerful healing force known to man, while others believe it is a mind control and energy transfer technique.

Today, Reiki is taught in schools, but you will find that there are many modern day Reiki practitioners

who work with energy, mental, emotional, and physical issues, and who are involved in education and teaching. But if you are not a Reiki practitioner, you may be interested in learning about this amazing technique.

What is Reiki? Reiki is a very gentle technique which involves using the energy of the Universe to heal the patient, or other practitioners use a light source such as a candle or a bulb, as the tool for healing.

To learn about Reiki, one must first know how it works. The light from the candle or bulb moves up the Reiki channel (Reiki is a Japanese word) and can be felt in a number of ways. Some people feel a light, and others can feel it as a vibration.

The next part of learning about Reiki is that when the light enters the channels, it transfers the life force of the patient. The higher the level of energy transfer is, the more healing the light gives to the patient.

A doctor of Reiki can use a crystal ball to send light into the channel to help the patient.

This is actually a common healing tool, but it will not heal as well as Reiki. For a Reiki session to be successful, there must be a source of light.

A Reiki channel will be different from each person, but the channel will have a light that connects all the people there. If you see a light that looks like a rainbow, then it is being sent by someone there.

Learning about Reiki requires a different way of thinking than most people do. It is the same as the mind/body connection, but it can be used for healing and not just for healing.

The Reiki teacher will make it very clear to the student that the purpose of the session is to help the client and not to diagnose or mediate. Many people do not understand that Reiki does not diagnose or heal.

The actual healing of the patient is all done in the channel, and there is no separation between the person’s body and the channel.

  • The energy that is released from the channel is what heals the person.
  • Another thing you need to know about Reiki is that there is no point at which you can say that you have healed someone.
  • The healing does not end when the session ends, and there is no way to tell how long a Reiki session will take.